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Blog 5

Dominic Cummings’ Day Switch Off Alarm Put on Glasses. Can I See? Where’s the Loo? Use Trouser Crumpler Leave Shirt Untucked Pass the Marmalade Uncomb PM’s Hair Ignore Own Advice Zoom 263 Miles Advise Adviser Remains "Exit Wrecks It"? Do Not Resign Do Not Apologise Switch Off Alarm

Do Sleep Easy

Copyright: me me cummings 2020

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You’ll never guess but a poem in part inspired by Tish has won a competition run by the Holland Park Press, a small independent publisher that specializes in Dutch literature translated into English.

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Freda and I are lucky in having access to three parks at the moment, so while we keep being told how “abnormal “ everything  is, it can take only a minute or two to realise how, for every other specie

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